Stockholm Public Library was designed by Gunnar Asplund and opened in the spring of 1928. The library was the climax and finale to a neo-classical architectural era, and is based on the geometric shape of a cube encompassing a cylinder. The approximately 24-metre-high rotunda, the cylinder, in the middle, is surrounded by four lower rectangular,


The proposal for the Stockholm Public Library by Bundi Pradono Architects at first glance one would not assume was a library at all with its creative design. The idea for the design is based on a suspended slab set upon two large transparent pilotis, which is quite literally translated into the finished proposal.

British architecture studio Caruso St John has won a competition to restore and expand the Stockholm City Library by Swedish architect Erik Gunnar Asplund. Stockholm Public Library (1928) - Erik Gunnar Asplund. Welcome to Pinterest. Free, unlimited access to ideas. Continue with email.

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bookselling building library organization public library retail shopping mall  The bookstore is located on Åsögatan 124 in Stockholm. architecture, design and photography, with a selection of rare and out-of-print international titles. The skyscraper was designed by Ralph Erskine and built by Skanska in the late 10 3 3923 6 1550 6503495086 1160 94404. project Royal Seaport, in Stockholm, Digital Commonwealth and Leventhal Map Center at Boston Public Library. Stockholm City Library.

Mar 24, 2019 Studio: Martijn van der Wielen // 3d visuals. Designer / Architect: Gunnar Asplund. Client: Tomorrow 2019 Challenge. Personal 

The purpose of the building was to provide the inhabitants  Stockholm Public Library is a library building in Stockholm, Sweden, designed by Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund, and one of the city's most notable  This project is a large extension of the famous Asplund Library in Stockholm ( 1928) by Gunnar Asplund. The original building is a turning point of Modernism: a  STOCKHOLM CITY LIBRARY Stockholm, Sweden / 2006 An addition to Asplund's Stockholm Library, this project proposes a new Public Library.

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Stockholm Public Library, Stockholm | Erik Gunnar Asplund, architect Scandinavian Architecture, Classical Architecture. Saved from songswithwords. 

Handikappanpassad entré. Sveavägen 73 med parkeringsplats på Odengatan 55. Postadress. Stockholms stadsbibliotek 113 80 Stockholm The Virtual Library of Sámi Architecture A digital project created by the artist and architect Joar Nango The Stockholm Public Library was designed by acclaimed Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund. The building is one of the city’s most notable structures and one of Asplund’s most important works.

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Swedish building competition – Asplund Library Contest. 12 Nov 2007. Asplund Architecture Competition.
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Stockholm library architect

In the big living room an elevated space was built beside the sofa, this space is  The history of the National Library reaches far back in time. What was originally a 1954 – 1977 Research Library for Stockholm University. The National Library 1992–1995 – Two underground book storage units are built.

Swedish Library – schmidt hammer lassen. Stockholm Architecture Tours – tailored city walks by e-architect.
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The Stockholm office's predecessor was Berg Arkitektkontor, which became part of Architect sar/msa, Architect M.Arch, Head of C.F. Møller Lab Stockholm, 

Stockholm Library This project seeks to understand the material possibilities of the relationship between the planned city and the existing tectonic bodies, by exploring, responding, and affecting space through a distributed system of abstracted interpretations. The Asplund building is one of Stockholm’s important architectural landmarks and connecting to it requires attention at all scales. The new building leans forward, for example, to touch the old library making a significant yet respectful connection.

The skyscraper was designed by Ralph Erskine and built by Skanska in the late 10 3 3923 6 1550 6503495086 1160 94404. project Royal Seaport, in Stockholm, Digital Commonwealth and Leventhal Map Center at Boston Public Library.

Most furniture and bookshelves were designed by Asplund and Nordiska Kompaniet made in Stockholm. Annex 1, closest to the library, stucco facades are pale yellow, with details of granite and metal roofs. The interior has changed but the main staircase is still the original. The Stockholm Public Library is a brainchild of Swedish architect Gunna Asplund, who also helped design the Skogskyrkogården, an early 20th cemetery with UNESCO world heritage status.

Paper Facade Panel in Nokia Library.