Dec 25, 2014 portal with just anyone. The Legend of Korra's final scene confirmed something that children's television rarely does: these characters are gay.


Jun 21, 2016 - "Did you know korra likes mako?"-Ikki to Asami

Amon bloodbending Korra and Mako. 2015-jul-03 - Una ilustración de Korra, se ve tan tierna xD a lo mejor hago otros dos de mako y bolin. Anime 意志 on Instagram: “Would you do it for your waifu Follow @anime.ishi for more! 3 Likes, 2 Comments - Anime 意志 (@anime.ishi) on Instagram: “Would you do it for your waifu Follow @anime.ishi for more!

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Jan 25, · This piano instrumental, at turns delicate and sprightly, was a real oddball in the disco-saturated world  Premiären av Legend of Korra är den 14:e April 2012. MEN om vi får ihop 100 000 likes på "Legend of Korra"'s fanpage på Facebook så kommer de släppa det  740-489-7220 614-872 Phone Numbers in Alton, Ohio · 740-489-0087. Korra Guetschow. 740-489-0976 848-850 Phone Numbers in Emillstone, New Jersey. Do Pavy. 559-587-1520.

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Like  Fick Eden of the East - alltså hela serien och alla filmerna like oMG THANK U BABE excuse me, but who the fuck do you think you are? Idag såg jag på Legend of Korra igen och dog över Bolin och Mako igen, och så  Does Korra Likes Mako · Korra Likes Mako · Did Korra Likes Mako · Who Likes Makoto Naegi · Gifts Makoto Likes · Gifts Makoto Likes Persona 5 · Cgr Beauvais  2018-dec-26 - 1812 Likes, 10 Comments - C Y B E R P U N K /_\ A R T The First Lie (Mako x Oc) Legend of Korra - Character Profile - Wattpad. Nort Was. 343-257-7625. Personeriasm | 613-279 Phone Numbers | Sharbot Lake, Canada · 343-257-3171.

Did korra likes mako

Korra likes Mako? That explains all the hostility at first. Did I intrude on anything when I invited the Fire Ferrets' captain for a date? "Sooo…" Korra awkwardly started. Asami wondered if things would get awkward between the two. She didn't want to, she really thought Korra was amazing and had wanted to be her friend. But liking Mako…

Breaking up with him then getting with his girlfriend. She lowkey did seem emotionally abusive. Just sooo annoying. Bolin was probs my fab out of korra, mako, and Asami.

Did korra likes mako

They still love each other i really want them to be together till the end. I don't like mako with asami together, korra and mako are soul mates. Ikki tells Asami that Korra likes Mako. Watch later.
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Did korra likes mako

they love each other and I'm not sure if this is Mako's fault or Korra's. I'd like to think that it's Mako's because of how indecisive he was in season 1 and how he was STILL indecisive in season 2. He was also a major jerk toward Korra and her family and he didn't give a crap about her at all when 2017-11-09 · She liked pro-bending (and Mako) so much that she convinced her father, then head of Future Industries, to sponsor the Fire Ferrets, Korra, Mako, and Bolin's pro-bending team.

But he was the one who welcomed Korra to the Fire Ferrets when Mako was being cold and distant. 2020-10-30 · RELATED: The Legend Of Korra: The 10 Worst Things Mako Did She refuses to do so in the beginning but soon acquiesces to his demands in order to save Wonyong Keum from being choked to death. In any case, Asami sabotages the "gas-dispersion pump" in such a way that the toxic gas would fill the airship instead of getting discharged into the atmosphere like Tokuga had planned. After that incident, Korra still had feelings for Mako and was jealous of his relationship with Asami but backed off more, especially when it was discovered that Asami's father was an Equalist and Korra realized that she needed Mako.
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"Asami, did you know Korra likes Mako?" Ikki asked innocently. Korra felt as if a bolt of lightning struck her and flames explode as she panicked. Just when she had told herself to lay low on that! Ikki! That kid! Spirits, what was Asami going to think now? She just wanted to be friends and this was completely going to throw her out of whack.

Dec 22, 2014 And I feel like it's time to start addressing the fact that calling it “fan especially if it happens the way it did on Korra, because Korra and Asami on Mako), so that means that having them “suddenly” like wo

Making gifs of the scene of Korra's horrendously shocked reaction when Ikki blabs to Asami that Korra likes Mako. Likewise, a follow-up scene, Ikki's feral reaction after Korra locks the door on her. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Korra had relationship issues like the rest of us. Korra had relationship issues like the rest of us. Jump to.

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